Second Post

05 July 2013

As at this moment i have a bit of free time on my hands I think i will redesign my website because it passed a long time since i did updated some of this pages, plus some of them have bugs :(.

Coming soon. :)

First Post

12 February 2012

This is my static blog. I have no idea if i will post a lot of thinks here, the important thinks will get posted here, but the rest will be posted on my twitter or facebook.

This website is still in development, a lot of thinks will get changed, added or even removed so please be patient with me, i`m a student and i work on my master thesis so i do not have a lot of time to dedicate for my website.

But i hope that in the next 2-3 weeks i will finish the website, at least to the point that i can say it will be done, even so every day there will be something new to add, change or remove from the it.